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10 art installations that will blow your mind

There are many art installation projects made each year but there are some that simply stand out above others. Here we have 10 art installations that will blow your mind.

Colorful Canopies of Umbrellas


[Image Courtesy of Sextaferia Producoes]

This very colourful art installation was designed with umbrellas by Sextafeira Producoes who titled it Colorful Canopies. The designers wanted to turn the shopping streets of Portugal into a stunning visual experience, which is exactly what it achieved.

From the Knees of My Nose to the Belly of My Toes


[Image Courtesy of Alex Chinneck]

Alex Chinneck from Britain was behind the ‘From the Knees of My Nose to the Belly of My Toes’ piece and he located it in Margate, England. The installation features a house with the façade slipping down off the front and it was a year in the making.

The Fallen


[Image Courtesy of Jamie Wardley and Andy Moss]

The Fallen is another superb art installation from Jamie Wardley and Andy Moss of Britain. It is a powerful display of the D Day landing in France and was made to honour International Peace Day.

Unwoven Light


[Image Courtesy of Soo Sunny Park]

Visitors to the Rice University Art Gallery in Texas were treated to a spectacle of colour, shadow and light with Unwoven Light. It was designed by  artist Soo Sunny Park and he used chain link fencing and Plexiglass to show how light changes surfaces when seen at different times of the day or from certain angles.

Sirens of the Lambs


[Image Courtesy of Banksy]

Artist Banksy brought cute and cuddly together with very disturbing in the art installation Sirens of the Lambs, part of the Better Out Than In exhibit. The art installation was situated on the streets of New York where the artist from Britain turned a delivery truck into a slaughterhouse carrying 60 stuffed animals which poked their heads through the slats and were controlled by puppeteers.

Home Within Home Within Home Within Home Within Home


[Image Courtesy of Do Ho Suh]

The Home Within Home Within Home Within Home Within Home art installation in the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art is a 1:1 replica of two homes that artist Do Ho Suh live in, with one being situated inside the other. The installation was created in purple fabric.

In Orbit


[Image Courtesy of Thomas Saraceno]

Thomas Saraceno made his biggest art installation to date in Germany with the title of In Orbit. This was a large mesh construction that was 25 m above the piazza of the Standehaus museum. Those who visited the installation could climb on the large steel wire construction which also held large PVC balloons for sitting.

Forever Bicycles


[Image Courtesy of Ai Weiwei]

Chinese artist Ai Weiwei designed a new version of Forever Bicylces in Toronto for the Scotiabank Nuit Blanche event. The art installation took 3, 144 bikes, which he stacked 100 feet long and 30 feet high and deep.

The Rain Room


[Image Courtesy of Random International]

The Rain Room was designed by Random International and allowed people the chance to experience rain without even getting a drop on them. It was first housed in the Barbican Centre and then arrived at the MoMA museum in New York.

Infinity Mirrored Room – Souls of Millions of Light Years Away


[Image Courtesy of Yayoi Kusama]

This art installation by Yayoi Kusama features hundreds of multicolored LED lights that were suspended from floor to ceiling at different heights. The lights turned the room into what felt like eternity as the square mirror panelled room had a shallow reflecting pool on the floor and lights came on and off giving a strobe like effect.