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9 Amazing Most Incredible Hairy People

1. Yu Zhenhuan
The Hairy Chinese Kid (Yu Zhenhuan) was first mentioned on 12 October 2002 during Karl’s first ever edition of Educating Ricky. Karl revealed the child was indeed quite hairy and apparently had trouble hearing due to a build up of hair in his ears. Yu was born in the city of Anshan in the Chinese province of Anshan in 1979 and began growing hair at the age of two that eventually covered approximately 96% of his body. As well as being incredibly hairy, The Hairy Chinese Kid is also an aspiring rock star and has used his unusual looks to launch something of a music career. Now he is an adult. (Source)



2. Ramos Gomez brothers
Life for hairy brothers Victor “Larry” and Gabriel “Danny” Ramos Gomez is anything but dull. They fly through the air regularly in their jobs as trampoline acrobats. The duo had a chance to become TV stars when they were offered starring roles in The X-Files. (Source |Via)
3. Stephan Bibrowski

Stephan Bibrowski (1891–1932), better known as Lionel the Lion-Faced Man, was a famous sideshow performer. His whole body was covered with long hair that gave him the appearance of a lion.

Bibrowski was born in 1891 near Warsaw in Poland with one-inch hair covering his body. His mother blamed the condition on the mauling of his father by a lion, which she witnessed while pregnant with Stephan.

 4. Pruthviraj Patil
Pruthviraj Patil was born to a well off farmer in the Indian district of Sangali which is near Mumbai, with the “Werewolf Syndrome” due to which he has all his face and body covered in thick matted hair. He and his parents have tried various traditional Ayurvedic remedies, laser surgeries and homeopathy, to cure the disease but none of them have worked. (Source)
5. Annie Jones

Annie Jones (c. 1860 – 1902) was an American bearded woman, born in Virginia. She toured with showman P. T. Barnum as a circus attraction. It is unconfirmed if this was a case of hirsutism or an unrelated genetic condition that affects children of both sexes and continues into adult years.

As an adult, Jones became the country’s top “bearded lady” and acted as a spokesperson for Barnum’s “Freaks”, a word she tried to abolish from the business. Later in her career, Jones toured in Russia and claimed to have turned down painters who asked her to pose as Jesus. She became a musician. Jones married Richard Elliot in 1881, but divorced him in 1895 for her childhood sweetheart William Donovan (who later died, leaving Jones a widow). In 1902, Jones herself died of tuberculosis.

6. Supatra Sasuphan

Supatra Sasuphan, an 13-year-old girl from Thailand, suffers from werewolf syndrome, which could offer a future cure for baldness.

She has been teased her entire life by other kids, who call her “monkey face” and “wolf girl”. But now her Guinness world record has made her very popular at school. She said: “I’m very happy to be in the Guinness World Records. A lot of people have to do a lot to get in. All I did was answer a few questions and then they gave it to me.” Supatra is one of only 50 sufferers of Ambras Syndrome documented since the Middle Ages. It is caused by a faultychromosome.

7. Julia Pastrana

Julia Pastrana (1834–25 March 1860) was a Mexican woman born with hypertrichosis who exhibited herself in 19th-century Europe.

Pastrana, an indigenous Mexican, was born in 1834, somewhere in the Sierra of Sinaloa State. Her ears and nose were unusually large and her teeth were irregular. Charles Darwindescribed her as: “Julia Pastrana, a Spanish dancer, was a remarkably fine woman, but she had a thick masculine beard and a hairy forehead; she was photographed, and her stuffed skin was exhibited as a show; but what concerns us is, that she had in both the upper and lower jaw an irregular double set of teeth, one row being placed within the other, of which Dr. Purland took a cast. From the redundancy of the teeth her mouth projected, and her face had a gorilla-like appearance. (Source)

8. Percilla Bejano
Percilla was born 26 April 1911 in the town of Bayamon, just south of the Puerto Rican capital of San Juan. Even as a child Percilla’s hirsuteness drew attention from both the public at large and the medical community. As a baby, Percilla and her parents traveled to New York City to be examined by a team of doctors. She remained in New York for seven months before returning to Puerto Rico. Percilla passed away in 2001 at age 89. (Source)
9. Fedor Jeftichew
Born in 1868 in St. Petersburg, Russia, Fedor Jeftichew was indeed such a boy…Jo Jo The Dog Faced Boy to be exact, and despite sporting a warm and fuzzy nature that some would consider to be less than a blessing, Fedor made quite a life for himself, achieving world wide fame and fortune as he worked his act with P.T. Barnum from the age of 16. He also spoke Russian, German and English. (Source)


10 Most Incredible Hairy People