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20-Foot Python ‘Rescued’ After Trying To Swallow A Goat In West Bengal

  1. Villagers in Jalpaiguri rescued a python after it tried to swallow a goat
  2. Villagers captured the snake after no response from forest department
  3. The Burmese Rock Python was released in the Sonakhali forest by villagers

A 20-foot long python was ‘rescued’ by villagers and a forest official in West Bengal’s Jalpaiguri district after it killed and tried to swallow a goat on Thursday (June 9 , 2016). It was released into the forest later.

Around 6 in the evening, the villagers of Mallik Shobha, located 39.3 km away from Jalpaiguri district, heard a goat squealing at the edge of the Sonakhali forest and rushed out to see the python trying to swallow it.

 The villagers, who tried contacting the nearest wildlife squad in Binnaguri, alleged that the officials did not respond to their frantic calls.

A forest beat officer, Narayan Kar, who received the villager’s call, had rushed to the spot immediately. He too tried to contact the wildlife officials but their phone was switched off.

By the time the villagers pulled out the goat out of the snake’s mouth, it was dead.

They then tied ropes around the python and pushed it into the sack, holding it by the neck. It was later taken in a cycle rickshaw, as no animal rescue van was available, and was released in the Sonakhali forest.

20-Foot Python 'Rescued' After Trying To Swallow A Goat In West Bengal

Mr Kar identified the snake as a Burmese Rock Python, one of the largest species of snakes in the world, and estimated it was about 20-foot long. They are known to be nocturnal rainforest dwellers, excellent swimmers and lay batches of 12 to 36 eggs at a time. This one was apparently a male.

Rohul Amin, to whom the goat belonged, said “this is not the first time pythons have come out of the forest and attacked domestic animals. They have killed two to three cows, lambs and sheep in a year.”

Source – NDTV