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5 Super Cute Animals Including an Angry Frog and a Snoring Hummingbird

This teeny tiny Hummingbird was caught on camera by a Peruvian scientist. Fast asleep and snoring with a super cute, high-pitched exhale.

This desert rain frog is very angry, producing it’s most menacing war cry that actually sounds like a squeaky dog toy, way too cute, this would undoubtedly strike fear into any approaching challengers.

This pretty little hippo named Jessica has a very easy life, she lives with a couple in South Africa. Tony and Shirley feed her inside their home, her highlight of the day is lazing on their porch while being massaged.

Monterey aquarium has a sea Otter rehabilitation team who run an Otter salon for orphan Otter pups as young as one day old, this setup provides the kind of care a pup would get from it’s mother.

The Fennec Fox is a small nocturnal fox found in the Sahara desert of North Africa, these awesome little guys have extraordinarily large ears providing an amazing sense of hearing, it’s said they can hear a mouse’s heart beat underneath the sand.