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Amazing Animal Friendships

Making new friends is the best thing an individual can do. We care for our friends, spend our valuable time with them . Animals also show the same love, compassion and warmth for their friends. There are certain animals who have made surprising bond with other species and now they are unseparable. Nature is a beautiful thing which inspires us to spread love and humanity . We bring you most incredible friendships between animals.

1. A chimp with Sumatran Tiger

A chimp feeds the baby tiger at Bangkok. The couple are completely at ease each other .

2. 3 year old Lisha, the labrador acts as surrogate mother to 3 cubs.

3. An ape and a bull dog became friends when Ape was abandoned by her parent.

4. Hen warms a puppy.

4. a beer cuddles the dog .

5. The Tiger and the Pig


Pigs and tigers seem like they’d be natural enemies, but in captivity that’s not always the case: These photos from the Sriracha Tiger Zoo in Thailand show a tiger nursing a litter of piglets (and this tiger herself was raised by a pig). But while the process isn’t unheard of, this set of images brings up bigger issues: Officials believe that the photos were staged (and the animals were harmed to get the shots) for publicity.