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Amazing Transformation van into a small living area


Amazing Transformation van into a small living area, I remember the first time I went camping. It was a really interesting experience, as I was immersed into the wilderness with a tent, sleeping bag, and some foods that were easy to make over a fire. As I grew older, I learned that what I considered camping is actually not what most people do. Instead, there’s “glamping,” which is simply glamorous camping. Enter this van: the next frontier in muddling our sweet, holistic camping experiences, bringing the urban world into the outdoors.

In the van’s defense, it is pretty great, especially since it reminds me of a transformer. The van was made for the modern person, allowing them access to high-end materials and comfort without having to settle for a measly tent that could fly away at any moment…aka real camping.

Since the 70’s, VW van has lost its appeal, but this is the VW’s ticket for the future. Just like the original, it tends to people who are free spirited and longing for the great outdoors, but it’s designed for the age of world wide web, iEverything and composite alloys.

See what happens when you push one button on this thing. I can’t believe they managed to cram all those things inside.

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