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Baahubali Art Director Designs Lavish Rs. 55 Crore South Indian Wedding That Will Dazzle Your Senses


It is the season of extravagant Indian weddings- the latest being the INR 55 crore-worth grand wedding in South India in Kollam, Kerala.  With a net worth of $2.8 billion, Dr B. Ravi Pillai, Chairman, RP Group, is one of the richest Keralites with business interests spread across several countries. Forbes ranks him in the world’s billionaires list at 988, and at 30 in India. He arranged the grand wedding of his daughter, Arathy with Adithya Vishu, in his hometown, and flew down his multi-national businessmen and royal friends from around the world, to make them experience why Kerala is truly “God’s own Country”.

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The Guests of Honour

Royal members from the Middle-East, and the CEOs of various companies were among those who attended the week-long multi-crore wedding ceremony. Many famous politicians, actors, businessmen across the globe were seen at the wedding. There were members from the royal family of Bahrain, and other government officials of various countries present at the wedding.

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Image Courtesy: Jens Neelima Photography

This is what Dr. Pillai told the media:

“I am bringing in guests from over 40 countries and it includes CEOs and presidents, besides numerous Royal family members from the Middle East. Most of them are coming to India for the first time. They will stay in Kerala for a week. My main aim is to sell Kerala to them as a destination for their investments.”

The Venue

This luxurious wedding set in Kollam had a Rajasthan inspired set that was designed and set up by Sabu Cyril, who is the Art Director of famous movies like Enthiran, Ra.One, and more recently the blockbuster hit, Baahubali: The Beginning. The wedding set was spread across eight acres, and had a Rajasthani palace recreated at a whopping 20 crore. There were separate seating and dining areas for VVIPs, dignitaries, and families. The main event of the wedding happened in a state-of-the-art lotus mandap.

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The Entertainment

The entertainment for the guests included a breathtaking Bharatanatyam performance by renowned actresses Manju Warrier and Shobhana, and a musical show conducted by Stephen Devassy. ‘Rhythm of the Forest’ performance, choreographed by Soorya had 400 dancers on stage. A traditional Kerala sadya was served for the guests in dining halls, which could accommodate 7,000 guests at a time.

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The Philanthropic Pre-wedding Celebrations

Dr. Ravi Pillai has a heart of gold, he thinks beyond the luxuries and glamour of life. He went on a charity-spree in Kerala, as a part of the pre-wedding ceremonies.


Amid speculations about such a big budget wedding, Dr. Pillai said this to the media:

“Besides conducting my daughter’s marriage in a good manner, I am also spending around Rs 10 crore for humanitarian initiatives. As part of it, as many as 2,000 cancer patients in the state will be given Rs 10,000 each as medical aid.”

The Bride and Groom

The groom, Adithya Vishu is a doctor from Kochin. He was dressed in a traditional veshti, and a silk kurta for the wedding. The bride, who is also a doctor, looked ethereal in a coral red embroidered saree, and gorgeous diamond sets.

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For the reception, the bride wore a heavily embroidered red lehenga. The groom looked dapper in a blue and golden bandhgala.

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For the reception, the bride wore a heavily embroidered red lehenga. The groom looked dapper in a blue and golden bandhgala.

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Even though the wedding made headlines due to its lavish budget, we have to agree that it was a spectacular one. The bride and groom looked super-adorable. Wishing the couple a happily married life ahead.

 Source and Image Courtesy: Jens Neelima Photography