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Chinese engineers rebuild Sanyuan Bridge in only 43 hours

A Chinese company demonstrated its developments in construction at unbelievable speed to rebuild the great Sanyuan Bridge in Beijing in less than two days. CCTV America released a time-lapse video of the refurbishment of the bridge showing the talent and speed of Chinese engineering.


The work was requested by the Beijing government, which decided to replace the old Sanyuan Bridge with a new one, which was done in record time. The company took only one day to take down the old bridge, beginning at 11pm on November 13, reports Shanghaiist. 1,300 tons of material was transported to construct the new bridge, and the process was completed in 19 hours. In total, the refurbishment of the bridge lasted less than 43 hours.



Chinese workers used a new “integrated replacement method,” which allowed the bridge to open to traffic immediately after the 43 hours of work, instead of having the road closed for at least 2 months as would be expected if conventional construction methods had been used.

Sanyuan Bridge is a major overpass on the northeastern stretch of the 3rd Ring Road of Beijing. The Airport Expressway, Jingshun Road (China National Highway 101) and the 3rd Ring Road are interlinked by the vital overpass. (Video from BTV, text by The People’s Daily)


Source- Interesting Engineering