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Do You Know ‘Someone’ Like The Women In This Currently Viral Video?



  1. Video taking a dig on fake Instagram lives goes viral
  2. The viral video features women who pose for social media
  3. An exaggerated version of how social media addicts go craz

Do you know someone who fakes a perfect life on Instagram? Who poses with salad and then eats a burger? Or pretends to take a ‘no make up selfie’ when actually dressed for a party? A video currently going viral claims that you do indeed know someone like this – so if you answered no, perhaps you need to make new friends/acquaintances.



‘We all know someone like this’ is the somewhat overreaching title of the video, posted on May 21 on Facebook and viewed 40,279,200 times since then. For some reason, the ‘someone’ has to be a woman – the video depicts a series of young women going to extreme lengths to create picture perfect lives for the benefit of social media.

These women, says the video, are dishonest about everything, from their food habits to the pets they (don’t actually) own. It’s not clear if it is intended to be satirical – the title suggests not.

So here’s the video. Do you know these women or someone like them? Keep your address book handy.