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Guinness World Records : 12-Year-Old Palestinian Boy Aims to Break Backflip, Contortions Records

Introducing the “Spiderman” of the Middle East, 12-year-old Mohamad Al-Sheikh, who lives in Gaza City. Mohammed al-Sheikh reportedly seeks to break the record for most full body revolutions while maintaining a chest stand.

he can bend his body in seemingly impossible ways, throwing his feet over his shoulders with reckless abandon or jumping into a spider-like pose. He appeared on the TV showArabs Got Talent, where his body-bending act won 14 million votes.


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Now he hopes to make his way into the Guinness Book of Records from his home in the Tel Al Hawa area of southern Gaza City. Guinness has accepted his bid for a record entitled: Most full body revolutions maintaining a chest stand in one minute.

In the video submitted as evidence, Mohammed lies on the floor with his chest pressed into the ground. His legs then spin around at 360 degrees – his feet touching the ground at every angle in a feat of amazing dexterity. He achieves it 33 times in a minute, four more than the current record of 29, raising hopes he will be crowned in the coming weeks.