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How to annoy your wife – make the house into one massive ball pit

This is the funnest and hardest pranks ever Done by Roman Atwood! 

A dad decided to have a laugh with his kids and prank his wife recently by turning their house into the world’s largest (we assume) indoor ball pit.

Roman Atwood literally got a truckload of balls delivered to his house before covering every inch of floor with them.

However the funniest part of the day was clearly capturing his wife’s shocked expression as she returned home to witness the unholy mess her house had turned into.

The poor woman first sees sacks of apparently unused balls in her garage, before opening the door and nearly being washed away by a wave of plastic spheres.


Anything for those sweet, sweet Youtube hits (Picture: Roman Atwood / Youtube)

She takes it in good humour however, and even cracks a smile when she walks in and sees her kids living every child’s dream.




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