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In this village’s funeral ritual a dead man is made to walk

Toraja​: If you thought that zombies were only an imagination of the storytellers, well, prepare to have a mind blown.
If the rituals of the villagers of Toraja, Indonesia are to be believed, almost every person who dies can turn into a zombie. Apparently, certain people of the village had and still have the ability to make dead people walk.
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Also known as ‘Rolang’ which literally translate as ‘the corpse who stands up’. In the ritual a corpse is awaken by black magic and led up a street by the person who awakes him.

This is done because in Toraja the graves/cemetries is placed above limestones mountains.
According to the ancient ritual, when the villages of Tana Toraja were still extremely isolated and difficult to visit, it is said that certain people had the power to make a dead man walk to his village in order to be present at his own funeral. In this way, relatives of the deceased were spared the necessity of having to carry his corpse.
The corpse walks all by itself, and its guided by an expert in black magic behind it and  the spirit of a dead person must return to his village of origin and not his death and in case.