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The stone which rises up when persons numbering 11 touch it with their index fingers

The stone which rises up when persons numbering 11 touch it with their index fingers.

Kah, Kah, Kah,.... (11,11,11, ...) stone at Avantipora Temple
Kah, Kah, Kah,…. (11,11,11, …) stone at Avantipora Temple

Kah-Kah-Pal (Kah-Kah means ‘digit eleven’ in Kashmiri) is a wonder stone found in the premise of the stone temple of Shiva in Bijbehara in Anantnag District. This conch shaped stone, tapering at one end, weighs about 60 kg and can be moved from side to side by an adult person or two.


At a distance of 32 km. towards the south of Srinagar city on the National Highway there is a town-Bijbehra on the left bank of the River Jhelum. At the southern tip of the town there is a massive stone temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. In the compound of the same temple there is a conch shaped stone tapering at one end which is popularly known as Kah-Kah-Pal. The stone does not weigh more than 60 kilos or more and one adult person can move it from side to side.

The marvel of the stone gets apparent when 11 persons encircle it, and apply their 11 index fingers to the base of the stone. While repeating Kah-Kah ( eleven-eleven ) the stone gets lifted above the ground. The stone is popularly know as Kah-Kah-Pal which in Kashmiri means the digit eleven. The stone is in the custody of the pujari of the temple. Many stories and legends about the stone are attributable to it. For example it is related that once it was thrown into the river and next day it reappeared on the bank of the river. I have dismissed such legends as mere heresay.