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Mind-Blowing Optical Illusions And How They Work

Optical illusions trick your mind into seeing something that isn’t quite there. These mind-boggling images are a result of your brain trying to predict what’s about to happen next. There’s a disconnect between what your eyes see and your brain expects to see and the result can be a bit disorienting. Have you ever wondered how these optical illusions work exactly? Well, you’re about to find out.

Here are some mind-blowing optical illusions 

1. Peripheral Drift Illusion


via imgur

2. Motion Aftereffect Illusion
If you stare at this gif for a few seconds and then look away, you’ll notice that it will start to move in the opposite direction. That’s because our brains have adapted to the motion we’re see seeing and when we change to a stationary stimulus, our brain is still reacting.


via Mogway


via Grand Illusions

5. Color Dove Illusion

via Optical-Illusionist

Fix your eyes on the black spot for about thirty seconds, and then look at the blank red space. What appears? It’s actually an afterimage of the dove (it works for the Che Guevara example below too). This is caused when the eye’s photoreceptors adapt to overstimulation and lose sensitivity, so when the image is moved to a fresh area, its negative appears.

6. Impossible Object

via The How And Why Of Optical Illusions

Impossible objects are the most frustrating illusions. They’re represented as two-dimensional figures, but our brains try to wrap our heads around them and turn them into three-dimensional objects, but it’s just not possible!

7. Cafe Wall Illusion

via The Royal Society Publishing

Do the lines look slanted to you? Surprise, surprise, they’re actually parallel. The color of the dividing lines is grey, which is a shade somewhere between the black and white tiles. So when the tiles are offset, these horizontal lines start to appear slanted in part because of the color of the grey “grout” and because the tiles are off by half an inch. Remove the grey lines and it won’t look slanted anymore.

9. Optical illusion

10. Optical illusion