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New Avengers film to feature working see-through Samsung phone

Over the past week, Samsung has been showing off a ton of new products at the Consumer Electronics Show, along with those reveals, they’ve also shown off a few of the gadgets the Avengers will be seen using in Age of Ultron, including Tony Stark’s new see-through phone! Come check it out!

Marvel and Samsung announced their partnership with Samsung back in summer 2014, with Samsung providing cast members with exclusive devices since. At the recent CES 2014 event Samsung hosted a ‘Night with Marvel’ where they announced that Tony Stark would use a functioning, ultra-thin, see-through Samsung phone in the upcoming ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’



“What type of phone does a man who has everything need? A sleek and metallic phone that features cutting edge technology designed specifically for Tony Stark. With a striking flexible display, the phone features two different curved panels, taking inspiration from Samsung’s Galaxy Note Edge so that important information is displayed separately from the main screen. The device features a hologram glass user interface with finger print security so that even if the device gets into the wrong hands, Tony Stark’s personal data stays secure and out of the hands of the enemy.”


Sounds pretty sweet, huh? A mock up was on display at the event, with the final design being subject to change (partly due to the fact that the technology for the device isn’t ready yet). There was also another tablet looking device labelled only as ‘Tony Stark’s Device’ with not much information released on that yet.

And it will remain ‘Tony Stark’s Device’ for a while; as it is exclusive to the film, don’t expect a see-through Samsung phone to be hitting commercial markets anytime soon.


If you think Tony Stark is the only one getting a tech upgrade, think again! Along with the reveal of Stark’s exclusive phone, Samsung also showed off a few new gadgets that his Avenger teammates will be seen using including a top secret SmartWatch and a Bluetooth earpiece. Check out the description for the SmartWatch below and take a gander at all of The Avengers’ gadgets in the pictures that follow:

A metal alloy smartwatch built with the strongest materials to operate in the toughest environments. With a striking glass interface, Samsung’s top secret Smartwatch features two user modes: Normal and Transparent so that the Avengers can access their personal information while staying up to date on any imminent threats to the universe.

image3jpg-c993ff_960w[Images via IGN]

As well as Tony Stark’s transparent phone the film will feature several other of Samsung’s upcoming devices including Bluetooth headsets and new smartwatches (admittedly not as exciting as a transparent phone though). The event was also used to showcase the Galaxy Note Pro and the Galaxy Note Edge which features a screen that curves around on one side.