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Nike finally releases Back to the Future Air Mag Sneakers

The new Nike Air Mag has finally brought us to the future. Fans and watchers of the popular Back to the Future movie are quite aware of the insight the movie had to offer about 2015. According to the movie, we are already supposed to have seen time travel, skateboards that could float in mid-air, self-tying sneakers and so much more. This left people eager to see whether some of these rather fictitious items will ever come to life. Various companies such as Nike, Lexus and Toyota decided to take on the challenge.


In the movie, there were these Nike sneakers that could tie themselves. All you had to do was put on the sneakers and the tying of the lace was automatic, how convenient. This idea was actually brought up by Nike. Behind the scenes, Nike was asked to collaborate in making the movie and as a part of that collaboration, they were challenged to imagine sneakers that would represent the advanced future we all fantasize about. Nike, popularly known for innovation, could not turn down the chance and came up with the Air Mag concept as a result.

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What is interesting to note is that Nike did not only come up with the idea, they also made it reality this year. The new Air Mag sneakers come with Power laces which automatically tie themselves when the shoe is worn. Mark Parker, Nike’s President and Chief Executive Officer, summarized it all.

“We started creating something for fiction and we turned it into fact, inventing a new technology that will benefit all athletes.” said Parker


Nike made the announcement on October 21st and did it in such an incredible manner. They had to decide on who would wear the Air Mag first and who better to do that than Michael J. Fox, the Back to the Future star that originally wore it in the movie.


The well-known Nike designer, Tinker Harfield sent Fox a letter saying “Although the project started as science fiction, we’re now proud to turn that fiction into fact.” Here is a copy of the letter as tweeted by Fox.


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There have been attempts by other companies to try and replicate various technologies that Back to the Future promised us. Lexus has been working on a hoverboad and they even have a prototype that works, although the technology still needs further improvement before it can be used commercially. Toyota also showcased the Mirai fuel car that that is also inspired by Back to the Future.



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