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Amazing Perfectly Timed Photos


1. This dog just had to have the bubble and it shows. Not only that, but the person was able to capture the moment between the time the bubble hit the dog’s teeth and when it popped. Pretty impressive if you ask me, I am sure the dog was pretty impressed too – once you blew out all the bubbles, of course.


2. Well, this says a lot since the gymnast in the picture doesn’t seem to have a head. Not only that, but it could be that their foot is now their head. Whatever the case, this was the right moment, with the right angle and it just worked. I wonder if the gymnast felt the same way once they seen this picture of their perfect air split?


3. Who said that babies do not come from storks? They must have been joking, because clearly in this picture – that is exactly where babies come from. This baby just happened to be dropped off and then documented for all to see. What great timing, mom must have had the camera ready for this moment.



4. Who said that man didn’t walk on the moon? They must have not seen this picture because he is literally going to step on the moon. I hope it can hold his weight and that it is not too hot up there, since he is dressed for colder weather! Definitely an awesome picture that messes with your perception.

fish man optical illusion

5. Fish heads, fish heads, we all love them. Except for when you have one! This photographer must have just got the inspiration and took it. Not only does this picture sum up their vacation, but it is definitely one that has probably given many people a bunch of different laughs – I know I laughed when I saw it.


 6. How about high fiving a shark? He was into it, and it seems like the shark didn’t much mind either, that was before he ate the man though. Of course, they made it out alive and have this awesome, and probably man others, picture to show for it. Who said that sharks only liked eating humans, because this one clearly seems okay with him.



7. Everyone loves their lizard, assuming you have one. This little boy decided it would be cool to tongue lock with his. This is when this awesome picture circulated. Of course, I wonder if the parents had to stand there and try to get the right picture, at the right moment over and over again… until, they finally got it.





8.This is freaky on so many weird levels. You cannot tell where one begins and the other ends. This is what makes this picture so weird. They might not have known that they look like this, but the person in the camera probably did – and they were not wasting a minute when it came to documenting the two headed creature thing.