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Meet the ‘Electric Man’ of India!

New Delhi : –

What will happen if a tenth of an amp is passed through a human’s body? He might be electrocuted to death but it does not hold true in Kerala’s Raj Mohan Nair’s case.



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Known as the Electric Man of India, Raj Mohan Nair can withstand several amps of electricity passing through his body without any harm.
This super-human has nothing special about his looks, but if you witness him lighting electric bulbs, fans or blenders by allowing electricity to pass via his own body, you would be left surprised.

Not just that, the Current Mohan can also prepare a chicken by grabbing a hot-plate in his own hands and pass the electricity through his body.

When asked about his ‘super gift’, Mohan said, that he came to know about his amazing capability when he was 7 years old.

“I lost my mother and was depressed. Finally, I decided to end my life by climbing the transformer and grabbing a live wire. To my amazement, nothing happened to me. It was then I realized that I had been blessed with a gift from God,” he said.

Well, News Nation continues to hope that Raj Mohan Nair will amaze the world with his special abilities and make India proud of the ‘Electric Man’.



Meet the ‘Electric Man’ of India!