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Reshma, The Brave & The Beautiful

The Acid Attack Survivor Getting A Makeover Is Truly Heartwarming


Beauty is not defined by face, but by the depth of one’s faith in themselves!
And, that has what motivated acid attack victim Reshma Banoo Qureshi to turn her life around. The brutal acid attack incident may have dampened her outer beauty, but failed to diminish the lively spirit of the 18-year-old Mumbai girl.

A YouTube channel, Blush, came forward to compliment Reshma’s vivacity with an equally sparkling makeover in less than four minutes. The video opens with a beautiful message by Sharon Stone, which reads, “I don’t believe makeup and the right hairstyle alone can make a woman beautiful. The most radiant woman in the room is the one full of life and experience.” You must watch this video to witness the charm of this.

Her shocking story


18-year-old Reshma Banoo Qureshi, lives in Mumbai, with her parents and siblings. But, on the ill-fated afternoon of May 19, 2014, she never would have imagined that her destiny had some vicious turns awaiting her.

She gave an insight on her traumatic memories from that day, in this video:

“I was going to give an exam in Allahabad. There were two of my friends, my sister and me. Four of us were on our way to the station, where my brother-in-law was sitting with acid, waiting for us to come. When we were there, he held my sister’s hand, and when she tried moving away, some bit of the acid fell on her.“

 “After fighting him, she (her sister) somehow managed to free her hand and shouted at me, “Reshma you run away!” While I was running, two motorcyclists came, they caught me by the hair and made me lie down. And, then they poured acid on my face.”

There are no words that can explain her pain, but she still goes on saying:

“As the acid started gashing into my skin, I was wondering, what has happened and what was going on with me. It felt as if along with my face, my entire body was burning. I used to see others, but never thought that something like this would actually happen to me.

But, she has no regrets in life, and knows that after her makeover by Blush, she will come out looking even prettier than the Bollywood diva Katrina Kaif. Well, there is always a sunrise, after the sunset:

“I felt really bad for myself, but ever since I met Ria, things have changed, I feel much better now. She has supported me through my tough times. It is because of her that I am still living.”

Ria is the CEO and Founder of Make Love Not Scars. The organisation helps the acid attack victims to rehabilate their lives once again by providing them necessary treatments, and engaging them into group activities, which further nurtures their spirit.



About her look, Reshma shares,

“I just love what I’ll be wearing today. I never imagined that even in this state, I would do all this. I like putting on mehendi (henna pattern) and nail polish.”

We would like to end this with one more beautiful message that Reshma has for all those who are reading this and watching the video:



“If you find anyone in trouble, do help them and be with them through their tough phase. I hope what happened with me is never to be repeated with anyone. I have seen a lot of girls and women living like me, I just have one thing to say to them: Keep Living!”



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