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The Child With the 20-Foot Python


To explain this picture of a child cuddling his 20-foot-long snake, we have to tell a story.



Imagine you’re the proud parents of a 3-month-old baby. Here’s what a 3-month-old baby looks like, in case you’re not from here (Earth):



So, small. No neck control. Tiny. Now imagine that you walk into your baby’s room in the morning and you find a snake in his bed. Not just any snake, but a 2-foot-long baby python. You’d kill the thing, right? Just straight up find a shoe or hammer or whatever and beat it like you’re Keith Moon and the snake is a drum.

Not Koun Samang’s dad, who found a python in his baby’s bed and sweetly returned it to the jungle, presumably while giving it a back massage and singing it snaky lullabies. When the snake showed up again, he did it again. Three freaking times this happened, before he just gave up getting rid of the thing and welcomed it into the family, deciding that the snake had a thing for his son.


Seven years later, Samang and the now-giant snake he named “Lucky” are going strong. Did we say “strong?” We meant “Holy crap, that’s not natural. RUN, SON, RUN!”

Today the snake is over 20 feet long and could easily eat the boy … or a dinosaur or a house, if she felt like it. But it doesn’t. Samang considers the serpent his sister, which is pretty messed up considering how often they kiss …


On, and he rides her like a Hoveround:

When not making everyone around him uncomfortable, Samang spends his days teaching Luckysissy tricks and feeding her chicken. We’d make some snarky comment here, but we’re actually not big on the idea of mocking a kid who apparently is the King of the Giant Serpents.