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The Emotional Moment A 14-Year-Old Hears Her Dad’s Voice For The Very First Time


“Maggie, can you hear me?” the teen’s dad asked her. She nodded yes, a smile widening on her face.

This was the emotional moment when 14-year-old Maggie Gleason, who was born deaf, heard her father’s voice for the very first time

The world is a new place for 14-year-old Maggie Gleason; she now has the ability to hear.

In November, Maggie received an auditory brainstem implant during a grueling surgery lasting 10 hours. Just days after Christmas, she heard her father’s voice for the first time.

The implant, which nestles between her brain and spinal cord, allows the teenager to comprehend audio stimuli. With enough training, Maggie will even start verbally speaking one day.

After years of health complications and specialized treatment, Maggie began a whole new path to a higher quality of life.