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The reading of the hand is used by many New Age practitioners and describes itself as a practice of divination and interpretation of the personality by assigning different meanings depending on the lines and their diversification into the palm. The first division for the understanding and reading of the palm is between major and minor lines and in a second level, the identification of the four main lines that are the heart line, head, life and destiny , the latter is not present in every one.


The line of the heart (n0. 1), which reflect the state of the heart, both physically and emotionally, runs horizontally in the upper part of the palm.

The line of the head(No. 2), concerned the state of the mind and brain centrally cross the palm.

The life line (no.3), not determine the duration but reveals aspects of vitality, strength and prosperity is the curved line between the thumb and forefinger tending down of the palm. Finally,

The line of fate
(no.4) that indicates the aspects related to success, career and vocation, is that line, when present, which runs vertically from the base to the center of the palm of ther hand.


The article will focus on the aspects of the changes and the meaning of life line. As mentioned before, the line of life, reflects the physical health, general the well-being and the most important events, such as catastrophic events, shifts or physical injury. In detail, according to the shape, the meanings are the following:


1. Line long or short: if the line looks long and deep, indicating a good state of health, vitality and good stamina. A line short and deep, however, indicates a person can easily overcome their physical problems.

2. Straight line or winding: In the first case indicates an individual cautious; when is winding means that the individual possesses abundant energy.


3. Line near the thumb, in a semicircle and straight: The line that runs close to the thumb indicates an individual who gets tired easily. When it is in a semi-circle, means that the individual has strength and enthusiasm. The straight line near the edge of the palm denotes, however, a very cautious person.

4.Break and concatenation: The break in the line of life indicates a sudden change in the lifestyle of the individual. If the break is present on both hands, can indicate a disease or an injury. The concatenations or circles, however, indicate that the subject is suffering from many health problems and your life can lead him, in many different directions.


5. Multiplicity of lines of life: If there are more lines of life, indicate additional strength and vitality.



6. Line absent, weak or deep: If the line is absent, the person may be anxious, tense and nervous. If weak, the line may indicate an individual with a life devoid of adventure and with low power consumption. If the line is deep, it indicates an individual with a life path easier.



Source- TheMolas