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The Story Of An Indore Bachelor Who Is The Youngest Indian To Adopt A Special Child Will Leave You Inspired


Whenever someone plans his future, a lot of things crosses his mind. But, what this young man from Indore did will change your perception of happiness and achievement altogether. Aditya Tiwari, 28, who is working for an MNC in Pune welcomed 2016 by bringing home a cute little toddler. Neither this man nor his baby is ordinary!


Aditya is a single man who has been fighting for the custody of Binney since September 2014. Binney is a special child as he is suffering from a genetic disorder called Down’s Syndrome and has a hole in his heart. Aditya could not bring Binney home because the earlier adoption rules did not permit any single parent below the age of 30 to adopt a child.


To Aditya’s joy, the rules were changed from August 2015, permitting any abled person from the age of 25 years to become a single parent by adopting a baby. Even after the change in the policies, Aditya had to go through all the formalities once again to acquire the custody. Despite the fact that WCD (Ministry of Women and Child Development) minister Maneka Gandhi herself visited Matrachhaya, a shelter for abandoned kids and instructed them to handover the custody to Aditya straight away, it still took a long time for everything to fall into place.


Finally after all the struggle, Aditya was handed over Binney and he became the best New Year gift. The new father’s excitement knew no bounds.


He was quoted by press:

“We have named him Avnish Tiwari. He will now stay with me in my Pune home.”


His friends are supportive of him and one of them stated:

“Aditya has made us proud. This is a noble initiative and more people should come forward for such good cause.”


Aditya has set an example of parenthood in a country where unwanted infants are found abandoned on railway tracks and dustbins. He has proved that to be a parent, all you need is love and kindness in your heart.




Youngest Indian To Adopt a Child



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