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The World Indian Man with The longest Mustache

Ram Singh Chauhan (58) of India has the longest mustache in the world! Ram Singh his mustache since the 1970s. year, and so thanks to them and was in the Guinness Book of Records. Moustache of the Indians long have incredible 4.3 meters and so far it longest mustache in the world! “As we age, we slowly growth. Per year my mustache growing by inches,” says Chuan where the mustache made ​​great.

14mustache Indian-Man-with-the-longest-Mustache-in-the-World


He started growing his moustache in 1982 after being inspired by a fellow Rajasthani, Karna Bheel. Chauhan spends two hours every day to clean and comb his mustache through oil and massage treatment. His long hair has turned him into a celebrity with people jostling to be photographed with him, wherever he goes.

These are currently the longest mustache in the world we will see if someone will try to beat the world record.