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This Billionaire Barber From Bengaluru Arrives In A Rolls Royce To Give Customers A Hair Cut

A barber’s profession is not something one associates with wealth and riches. But there is one barber in Bengaluru who arrives in his ₹3.1 crore Rolls Royce Ghost to give a haircut for just ₹65.

The rags to riches story of G. Ramesh Babu is something right out of a Bollywood movie. Though his earnings are modest, Ramesh Babu also runs a highly-successful car rental business that has turned him into a billionaire barber.


And as you would’ve guessed, his business clients range from politicians to Bollywood actors such as Salman Khan, Aamir Khan etc



Despite being a successful business man, Ramesh Babu goes to his shop everyday and gives haircuts to his clients.


The reason why Ramesh Babu still works as a barber lies in his humble past. He was just 7 when his father died in 1989, leaving the barber shop as the only means of income. Working at the shop which he later named as Inner Space, he always dreamt of owning a car. So he purchased a Maruti Omni and started renting it out. What began as a passion soon translated into an enormously successful car-rental business.

Today, his fleet consists of around 200 cars, including imported vehicles like Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost, Mercedes C, E and S class and BMW 5, 6 and 7 series.


Ramesh Babu makes sure that his clients are happy and that the drivers are well-behaved.

The lowest rent for a car that he lets out is ₹1,000 per day and the highest goes up to ₹50,000.


He always wants to feel connected with his roots and also teaches hair-styling skills to his kids. According to him, “It’s a skill job and they’ll have to learn about it. Till I’m there, and hopefully even after, I’ll make sure the salon is running successfully. I have always believed that work is worship. Inner Space is where my bread and butter comes from.”