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This Guy Turned His Bathroom Floor Into A Starry Night Sky

A creative space lover and Instructables user named Baldr used fiber optics to build himself an awesome bathroom floor that looks like a starry night sky right at home – and with his instructions, you can too!

The lights seem like a good way to light the bathroom during a midnight trip, when you want your eyes to stay accustomed to the darkness. You’ll need to be handy enough to tile and grout a floor, too – and Baldr suggests creating a small test version first. For the rest of his instructions, read on!

More info: Instructables (h/t: demilked)

Here’s how his starry bathroom floor looks at night!

Each of those points of light is the end of a fiber optic cable

Baldr suggests keeping the light source outside of the bathroom

This means that there will be a bundle of fiber optic cables entering the bathroom, and that is where you should start laying your tiles

Just lift a fiber out of the bundle wherever you want to have a star. Baldr suggests working with a dim light source installed so you can see what you’re doing

Once the floor is done and sealed, just cute the fibers with a hot knife, connect the cables to a light source…

…and voila!

You can basically fiber-optic anything, like a table…

…or even stairs! Check out Baldr’s Instructables for more info.